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About The Anavar Steroid

The Anavar steroid is also called as the Oxandrolone that comes in the form of pills and capsules with the four primary dosages namely 10 mg, 20 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg. When it comes to the Anavar capsules then you might think that they are of less reliable one as any other steroid substances can put into it and this thought is of right one because just by matching the Anavar pill pictures you cannot say that it is a legitimate pill to use. So it becomes a very important one that one should identify whether the anavar pills are of original one or fake. Moreover when you order this pill on the online market then you never know whether the pills is of real or fake that manufactured in the black market or pharmaceuticals. So it is highly recommended not to purchase the steroid just by seeing its pictures and it won’t help you to take the better decisions.

Anavar pill identifier method for finding out the anavar steroid is fake or real

Anavar is the one of the most popular synthetic anabolic steroid among both professional and amateur body builders where many of them are looking the way to verify the quality of these anavar pills that is bought on online. This is the steroid that helps in improving muscle mass and strength at the same time it helps you to lose the weight where many of the websites are capitalized on its desirability and selling the fake products. There are ways in which you can find out whether the anavar steroid which you have bought is real or not and that popular method is none other than the Anavar pill identifier this helps you to obtain the quality of the Anavar pills.

  • If you are using the synthetic anabolic steroid since from long period of time and currently if you are willing to throw or stop down its usage then there is option for the steroid testing.
  • Take the Simec AG and submit your steroid for the lab test and they will determine the substances and the content present with the steroid where these conduct the entire steroid tests under the GMP and EN 17025.
  • This means that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to adhere the proper the guidelines of the chemical testing but however the analysis of the laboratory can be of fairly expensive one.

In order to avoid these expenses you can use the laboratory testing kits which you can use by yourself for testing the quality of the steroid. The ROIDTEST is the one that offers the special anavar testing kit that will help you in determining whether you r product is of real or fake just in two steps.

  • First thing is that you need to buy the oxandrolone pill identifier and it is available at the price of $24.97.
  • Whether you have the pink anavar pills or round white this kit will make the testing process and help you in determining whether your steroid is legitimate one or not.

The RODITEST also offers the testing kits for other steroids also and when you like to test the quality of your anabolic steroid then just you can buy the anabolic steroid pill identifier.

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